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Amazing Pre-Fabricated Houses In Japan

Hi all, The Japanese are very keen to create a variety of pre-fabricated houses and I want to introduce a few of these today. (日本語訳下にあります) INSPIRATION This is INSPIRATION, a famous pre-fabricated tiny house made of steel and timber. The floor area is only 13.4m2 yet it has a bathroom and kitchen. This tiny house can be transported and quickly and easy installed anywhere in Japan. The cost is from NZ$40000.   DOME HOUSE Japan Dome House has created these lovely dome [Read more]


3445m2 Land with Subdivision Consent in Pokeno

A Great 6-home development opportunity for investors in South of Auckland!!  (日本語訳下にあります) 3445m2 Huge Section with recently approved Resource and Land Use consent of 6 Lots free standing houses so that the buyer can immediately begin the new development in the rapidly growing town of Pokeno. Because our RC scheme is designed to save build cost as much as possible while keep the excellent architectural quality of the new homes this is an ideal opportunity for anyone who [Read more]


Japanese Tiny Houses

Hi everyone, Thanks for visiting this JP Property blog. (日本語訳下にあります) This time we will introduce three “Kyoushou”(very narrow) houses built in niches of Japanese big cities. In order to be comfortable even on a small site, unique architectural design ideas can be seen in these houses. House In Nada A Narrow housing with a land area of 64 m 2 and a building coverage of only 36 m 2.A typical Japanese wooden façade seems to have a good taste. Under this location [Read more]


A Fair Wind For First Home Buyers!!

Hi All Thanks for your visit to our Blog post!! (日本語訳下にあります) According to the article on there is a fair wind for first home buyers in Auckland due to  the new Reserve Bank 40% deposit rules for housing investors that was introduced June 2016. More Opportunities For First Home Buyers!! New figures show that housing investors had the smallest share of new mortgage lending in October 2016 in at least two years; it was 48% in June and decreased to just [Read more]


The Oldest and Newest Tower in Japan Share Same Technology

Hi all, Hope you have a great day. (日本語訳下にあります) The World Oldest Timber Building (Houryu Ji 5 Story Pagoda) and World Tallest Radio Tower (Tokyo Skytree) shares the same system to resist natural forces from earth quakes, storm, etc. The Houryu Ji 5 Story Pagoda built in 7th Century in Nara, Japan. The Skytree, 634m tall, built in 21st Century in Tokyo. Center Pillar Vibration Control System   Japan is famous for natural disasters. However, the pagoda has never fell [Read more]


Boundary Controls For Residential Building

Hi All, Thanks for visiting my blog!! One of Japan Homes clients in Mt. Wellington is thinking to replace the existing home with a new one at their own property. In this case, because the site is relatively narrow the outline of the new building will be restricted by City Council’s boundary controls. Boundary controls, especially the “Building In Relation to Boundary (BIRB)” heights often has large effects on new home design so I would like to talk about this today.   [Read more]



Hi everyone, Hope everything goes well for you. Today I just tell you one thing: YOU MUST HURRY TO PLAN YOUR GRANNY FLAT!! if you are thinking to do so!!   1 What is Granny Flat? A Granny Flat (Minor Household Unit, Minor Unit, etc.) is a small house (Maximum 60m2-65m2 floor area) built in the same section where the main house already exists. The minor unit can have all facility needed for a few people to live such as Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry, Living&Dinning and Bedroom. 2 Deadline [Read more]


Deck and Landscape Design in East of Auckland

Good Morning Everyone, Hope you have lucky and happy ANZAC holidays!! Japan Homes are currently engaging a whole house renovation in East Of Auckland and have been asked by the owner to design and build timber deck with a spa installed outside the kitchen area. We would like to share our deck design with you guys so please have a look at below and give me any comments if you like!!   Existing Condition The whole house is under construction at the moment and the photo shows the backyard. [Read more]


Minor Unit Project in East of Auckland

Hi All,   Today I am going to talk about a minor unit + garage project in East Of Auckland which is a very interesting case and should provide helpful info. to those who are considering to build their own minor unit in their land. The Client Needs/Wants: 1 Would like to design and build a 60m2 floor-area minor unit, 40m2 double garage and 20m2 sleepout 2 These are to be all connected under the same roof 3 The garage and sleep out should have their own bathroom 4 Future replacement of a new [Read more]


Japan Day 2016

Hello Readers, Japan Homes At Japan Day Yesterday Japan Home with our own booth joined Japan Day, the biggest Japanese Cultural Event in New Zealand held annualy in Auckland. We are happy people who love festivals, parties and any other exiting events so of course we joined, welcoming all visitors and enjoyed as much as we could!! Even though it was raining heavily in the afternoon many Japanese Culture lovers visited the venue at Queens Wharf; we met lots of them!! Thanks for visiting us. At [Read more]


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