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    Eco House – we care for our environment Creating functional living places that adopts the good things of Japan These are our concepts to build new houses. We introduce two ways to build your new home. Build an original home (Order made style) Not satisfied with a common house? Building in limited spaces or need a new family home for the next generation? We can create your original dream house based on your design without choosing from limited plans. Within your planned budget, our licensed expert team produces the house that you have always desired, built with our whole hearts and skills. With our inspired architects, your ideas reflect into building your new unique house. House Kit [Read more]
  • Flow to buy new home Approximate date Process Details Get property information Research on internet Introduction from agents Field survey Day1 Initial research Creating database by districts Day2 First investigation Check of the property Market research Research on price of properties Make a conditional offer If no issues Day7 Confirm before contract Valuation Property CD Inspection Estimate the building cost Field inspection Confirmation of finance to the bank Check with solicitor Creating judgement documents Final check before settlement Day8 Unconditional Day30 Preparation before purchase Procedures of financing Contracts with services Meeting +Creating the work schedule In the case of [Read more]
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