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Making a Japanese Garden at Showhome Part 5!!

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I have bought a new laptop at PB tech yesterday and writing this blog with it.

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This post is the Final Episode of The making-a-new-Japanese-Garden Story at 31A Atkinson Ave. Papatoetoe Manukau where Japan Homes locates.

Today I will discuss the planting of this garden.

(这个职位是本作-A-新日本花园的故事在31A Atkinson Ave. Papatoetoe Manukau 曼努考日本的地方位于房屋。今天,我将讨论这个花园种植。)


Both trees are bought at Plant Barn in Botany.

They look very like Japanese, although they are not Japanese local types of trees that are used for the Japanese Gardents in Japan.

The Japanese loves Japanese maple trees which changes their leaves color through seasons; expecially in Automn the color change to red or orange which look extremely beautiful!!





The plant on the left looks exactly like the Japanese maple its leaves color is so beautiful!!


Under this tree we planted moss.



Moss is also a key element of the Japanese Garden.

This moss has been given by a guy who we met at Plan Barn.

At the moment this guy was landscaping at his own property himself so thinking to remove a lot of existing moss over there. He then gave it to us as we were looking for it for our garden.

We are so lucky that we didnt have to buy moss which is quite expensive for a large amount!!



We planted moss in small pots as well.

These look cook, dont they?






Finally, we chose to plant farn, NZ native plant, as here is NZ and we want our garden to be merge with NZ environment.




At the end the Garden becomes the authentic Japanese Style Garden with a great welcome gate in the traditional JP style!!





Please come have a look here at our garden!!

The location is 31A Atkinson Avenue Papatoetoe.

Call us at 0800 00 5055 before visit us or email at

You can discuss with us if you are planning to have your own JP garden!!

We are happy to talk and help you anytime!!

位置是31A Atkinson Avenue Papatoetoe.


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