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Japanese Authentic Tatami Mat Being Sold At TM!!

Hi All,

How are your Waitangi Weekend going?

Today is also Chinese New Years Eve.

Wish you happy and lucky moments for these holidays!!o(*^0^)o!!_!!o(^0^*)o!!!!


I am going to talk about the Japanese traditional Tatami mats which Japan Homes currently sells on Trademe auction!!



A tatami is a type of mat used as a flooring material in traditional Japanese-style rooms.

Tatamis are highly resistent against bacterias and wear, and easy to clean. Also the authentic tatami produces faint grass aromas that has relaxing effects.

Those Japan Homes sells at TM auctions are Tatami Omote, meaning the surface covering sheet of the whole tatami. This can be used a rug, sunshade, cover, wall-hanging interior decoration or anything you can think of.



(note: the red rug is not included in the aution)

Japan Homes tatami mats are made of the natural plant called Igusa, which has been used as material for making tatami for centuries in Japan.


As this natural material is very hard to get in New Zealand Japan Homes is proud of providing the authentic tatami mats here in NZ.


Many people have already bought these mats on TM (Thanks a lot!!)

The start price is only $28.

But these have been mostly sold using buy now ($39) as the above photo shows.


One lady bought two tatami mats to make a Japanese style bedroom space.

She said to place those mats on the floor of her room and put futon on them.

Together with the fragrance of Igusa she instantly created the Japanese style bedroom at her own place!! 

There are lots of ideas how to use these tatami mats for the interior as well as exterior of your home.

Please ask me if you have any questions regarding these mats.

Dimension: 850 X 1800mm (Apprx.)


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Thanks for reading!!


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