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Boundary Controls For Residential Building

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One of Japan Homes clients in Mt. Wellington is thinking to replace the existing home with a new one at their own property.

In this case, because the site is relatively narrow the outline of the new building will be restricted by City Council’s boundary controls.

Boundary controls, especially the “Building In Relation to Boundary (BIRB)” heights often has large effects on new home design so I would like to talk about this today.


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What are the BIRB heights?

As a building height and location have large effects on neighbor buildings (e.g. blocking sunlight) the building height and location in terms of its distance from the boundary have to be restricted (see the sketch at the.

These restrictions are the BIRB heights.


Existing Home in Mt. Wellington

Here is the existing site plan.


The building is single story and, a bit surprisingly, one side of the house is nearly touching the boundary.

In many cases building should be at least 1m apart from the boundary but this rule does not currently apply to this property.

Also the BIRB control is currently not a big issue because this is a single story house.

Usually the control has to be considered when you build a double story building.

Below is an elevation view of the house.


New Home And Change in Boundary Controls

What will happen when the new home is built on this site?


We have to consider the new boundary control that is going to be introduced in August 2016.

The new boundary controls (6a Residential Zone in Auckland Central area) include:

1 The BIRB control : It begins at a height of 2.5m + 45 degree above the ground level along the boundary (see the sketch)

2 Any building have to be 1m apart from the boundary on any side.

As a result, if you simply want to build the new double story house, the shape will be like the above sketch.

Of course we are professional designers and have various ideas for building design so the shape will not simply be like that.

However, we always care about the boundary controls, especially when we design a new home in a narrow site.


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