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Good Land + Wise Designs = Smart Subdivision

Happy Luna New Year!

Since 2019 has started, we have more inquiries about new homes, especially subdivision & new builds.

In the most of the cases, they have own sections to develop in Auckland. Some people are trying to find and purchase a good section.

Recent popular areas are Manurewa, Flatbush, Pakuranga, Panmure  in the South, and Birkenhead, Hillcrest, Mairangi Bay in the North.

The Council Interactive map shows future development areas.


Let’s Do Smart Subdivision!

When we have an inquiry from a client who starts thinking about land development, the first thing we do is to ask the site address.

Then we will research the site information through the Council GEO maps. 

The most important things are:

  1. AUP zoning – “Single house” zone only allows one house + minor dwelling. Suburban and Urban zones are good.
  2. Public drainage (Stormwater and Wastewater)  – the best is to have both pipes within the site. Lots of properties in Auckland have no public drainage (we still have solutions but they could cost!)
  3. Shape & Flat or slope section? – check contour and imagine how excavation/foundation can be, and drainage flow can go.
  4. Flood risk? – check if there is a river, overland flowpath or flood plains. Those require more civil engineering, and affect house designs.
  5. Access- Is driveway over 3.5m wide? Is it a long driveway? Arterial road? No intersection near the site? Car maneuvering?
  6. Trees – if there are lots of trees, it may be Significant Ecological Areas. Protected trees cannot be cut down.
  7. Cross lease – we don’t recommend to develop a cross lease property as we know it could take lots of time and be stressful.
  8. Neighbors consent – if you may need to obtain neighbors consents, that could make the development project unsure.


Generally we can see flat and easy-to-develop sections more often in the South Auckland.

If it’s 1 to 2-5 lots subdivision, comparing the potential costs between good and bad land, the differences could be $50,000 to $250,000 or even more.

Also time consumes a lot. Time is money.

To value up total property wisely, we usually recommend not to shift an existing house. But if condition allows, you can maybe do staged subdivision then you will be able to live in an exiting property until other lots subdivision and new builds complete.

Our planner and architect teams are highly experienced with land development so we can maximise your land to gain more income, as well as we care about comfort and sustainability for people living in the houses.


✖ Difficult case sample

The shape is triangle, and a river and overland flowpath run through the middle of the site. It is very steep. There are lots of protected trees.

The usable area becomes small despite it’s about 2700m2 site area. No Wastewater connection.


Do you have land and are you interested in development with Japan Homes?

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