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A Fair Wind For First Home Buyers!!

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According to the article on there is a fair wind for first home buyers in Auckland due to  the new Reserve Bank 40% deposit rules for housing investors that was introduced June 2016.

More Opportunities For First Home Buyers!!


New figures show that housing investors had the smallest share of new mortgage lending in October 2016 in at least two years; it was 48% in June and decreased to just under 40% in October in Auckland (from 38% to 27.1% nation wide) .

In contrast, the total amount of money borrowed by first home buyers has increased steadily from 10.8% in June to 14.3% in October nation wide.

Moreover, the proposed Auckland Unitary Plan (AUP) is leading to building lots of new homes with subdivided sections across the city.

Together with the new bank policy, the property market would not increasing rapidly as before, so there will be more opportunities for Auckland first home buyers!!

In addition, Japan Homes now have a few new home development under AUP in Northshore and Pokeno.

If you are interested please follow the links below and feel free to contact us.

Pokeno Development

Glenfield Development



こちらのの記事によりますと、中央銀行による新たな住宅投資家向け規制(ローン頭金40%用意)が着実に効果が出始めていて、ファーストホームバイヤー(FHB: 初めて家を購入する人)には今追い風が吹いています。




オークランド ユニタリー プラン(AUP)が今月施行されたことで、新築住宅の供給が加速され、投資家向け住宅ローン規制と合わせて、住宅市場は沈静化していくと思いますので、市内に住むFHBには大きなチャンスです。

Pokeno Development

Glenfield Development