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Kiwi Saver & Welcome Home Loan Help You Purchase Your First Home

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If you are registered in Kiwi Saver scheme and do not posses a home now Kiwi Saver can help you buy a first home, and Welcome Home Loan also can help.

How Can Kiwi Saver Help You?

Kiwi Saver HomeStart grant
You can get up to $5000 from Kiwi Saver if you do not possess any property and buy an existing home after three years of regularly contributing to Kiwi Saver.

If two or more people buy an existing property together they can get up to $10000.

If you buy a new home Kiwi Saver will provide up to $10000 (only one person) and up to $20000 for two or more people.

In addition, you can also withdraw a fund from your Kiwi Saver account for your first home.

For Kiwi Saver HomeStart grant and Withdrawal of fund please follow this link for more info.

Welcome Home Loan

This is supported by Housing New Zealand and designed for first home buyers.

With a Welcome Home Loan you only need a 10 percent deposit, not a 20 percent deposit as required by most lenders.

The maximum amount you can borrow with a Welcome Home Loan depends on the region you are buying in.

Maximum income
To be eligible for a Welcome Home Loan your combined household income for the last 12 months must have been $85,000 or less (before tax) if you are the sole borrower. If you are partnering with one or more borrowers to buy a house, then you can have a combined household income up to $130,000 (before tax).

For more info please follow this link.

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Kiwi Saver HomeStart grant

Kiwi Saverに定期的に積み立て初めて3年以上が経ち、物件を所有していない状態で、既存の家を購入すると、Kiwi Saverから最大$ 5000を得ることができます。

そして2人以上が既存の不動産を一緒に購入した場合、最大$ 10000を得ることができます。

さらに、必要であれば、Kiwi Saverから積み立てた資金を引き出すこともできます(savings withdrawal)。



ウエルカム ホームローン

これはHousing New Zealandによってサポートされ、ファーストホームバイヤーのために用意されました。



ウェルカム・ホームローンを受ける資格を得るには、あなたが唯一の借り手であれば、過去12ヶ月間の所得合計は$ 85,000以下(税引前)でなければなりません。ただし、あなたが家を購入するために1人以上の借り手と提携している場合は、合計収入は$ 130,000(税引前)になります。