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Flow to buy new home

Approximate date Process Details
Get property information Research on internet
Introduction from agents
Field survey
Day1 Initial research Creating database by districts
Day2 First investigation Check of the property
Market research Research on price of properties
Make a conditional offer If no issues
Day7 Confirm before contract Valuation
Property CD
Estimate the building cost
Field inspection
Confirmation of finance to the bank
Check with solicitor
Creating judgement documents
Final check before settlement
Day8 Unconditional
Day30 Preparation before purchase Procedures of financing
Contracts with services
Meeting +Creating the work schedule
In the case of consignment
Day31 About to purchasing day Final check of the process
Final inspection
Day32 Settlement Final delivery work

About Financing

Japan Homes have dealt with various difficult cases. Particularly for clients who had financial problems in purchasing the properties.

Know-how of financing is essential to succeed in the Real estate business. Also, as the condition of the financial institution and market are always changing, it is important to catch the current condition as well as fundamental tendency. We can support your Real estate finance with our strong connection net that we have built and accurate advice proved from lots of experience.

How to sell your property

When you start planning to sell your real estate, firstly we value your property.
In New Zealand, the Real estate market is really active and developing every day, so it is essential to do accurate valuation considering the latest market values.
After the valuation, we enter into a sale contract. Through reliable Japanese Real estate agents, your property will be listed with major Real estate companies. The property’s information that includes photos and details of Open Home will be placed on websites and Reals estate magazines.
We hold Open Home. Collecting a variety of useful information from the customers who come to the Open Home, we carefully work out a strategy for the contract.
It’s time to go to the sales negotiation. Our experienced members lead your case to an advantageous ending with excellent negotiation skills.
The deal is concluded. We sort paper works out through the both side of lawyers. Also we smoothly complete work with the bank.
After a final inspection to confirm there are not any problems, the property will be delivered to the buyer.