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Amazing Pre-Fabricated Houses In Japan

Hi all, The Japanese are very keen to create a variety of pre-fabricated houses and I want to introduce a few of these today. (日本語訳下にあります) INSPIRATION This is INSPIRATION, a famous pre-fabricated tiny house made of steel and timber. The floor area is only 13.4m2 yet it has a bathroom and kitchen. This tiny house can be transported and quickly and easy installed anywhere in Japan. The cost is from NZ$40000.   DOME HOUSE Japan Dome House has created these lovely dome [Read more]


Japanese Tiny Houses

Hi everyone, Thanks for visiting this JP Property blog. (日本語訳下にあります) This time we will introduce three “Kyoushou”(very narrow) houses built in niches of Japanese big cities. In order to be comfortable even on a small site, unique architectural design ideas can be seen in these houses. House In Nada A Narrow housing with a land area of 64 m 2 and a building coverage of only 36 m 2.A typical Japanese wooden façade seems to have a good taste. Under this location [Read more]